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A community for PR fans to AU their favorite Rangers!
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Hello and howdy-ho! I am your hostess, lttledvl_writes (aka Dvl to some) and my cohort-at-arms is shurimon. Tell 'em hi Shuri! HI SHURI!

If you've come here looking for Power Rangers AU (Alternate Universe) fanfics, you've found the right place! Welcome! This comm is loosely (very loosely!) based upon the concepts of many other LJ fanfic challenge communities.

A lot of the rules have changed and so have requirements for participation. Fanficcing is supposed to be fun, yet many writers feel daunted by the prospect of writing 100 fics.

So here's the basics:

Write as many (or as few!) fics as you want. No limits here.
Write 1, 5, 36, 100, whatever. But you'll get bragging rights, kudos, many virtual cookies, and a special banner await you if you can tackle the whole shebang and write a fic for all 100 prompts.

There is no real timeframe for doing your works.
Write one a day or one every two weeks, it's up to you. If you finish your claim, or simply tire of it, however, please let the mods know so we can keep track.

It would be nice if you could post at least once a month, though. That way, we'll at least know you're not dead and are still working on it. If you fall silent for too long with no notification that you're done, we may just hunt you down and poke you. And you may not want that. *snerk*

Is there a specific order for posting fics?
Oh heck no! Chaos Rules! Post whatever prompt most inspired you to write a story. We don't care about the order we get 'em in, we just wanna read it! ;P

But I don't want to post my story here! I want to keep it on my journal!
Fine by me! Many writers prefer to keep their works in their own playground, so fake lj-cuts are okey dokey!

Can I co-author?
Yes you may. Let's face it, 100 fics is a lot. It may be a bit much for one person to tackle. If you want to split the workload with another person, feel free. If you want to really be creative and include a third, go for it! I draw the line at four however. Why? Well...because, once you get too many cooks in the proverbial kitchen, it spoils the stew. You know what I mean? *wink*

How long does my story have to be?
Pretty much whatever length you want. Drabbles are accepted. Though it would be nice if you wrote more than a single sentence. because in my book, that doesn't particulary count as a fic anyway.

Can I use things I already wrote?
I don't see why not. We'd love to have new stuff, most definitly, but we won't turn away existing AU fics either. Some comms are against this kind of thing, but since our playing field is much more limited, we're more than happy to accept whatever you have. after all, the goal here is to get our grubby little hands on PR AU fics. any way, any how. *snerk*

What do I do when I finish?
Go to the Completed Claims post and tell us you've made it. We will fan your exhausted bod and offer you snuggles. After all, you deserve it!

I'm pleased to announce that the awesome jadetate, (who also created the lovely banner above) has offered up to create banners for those who reach the 100 goal. Woot! Many thanks to her!

Have Fun!
This is the biggest rule of them all and is pretty self-explanatory.

*THE* List

001.Beginnings 002.Endings 003.Somewhere In Between 004.First 005.Dead Last
006.Sunrise 007.Sunset 008.Too Much 009.Not Enough 010.Sixth Sense
011.Uh-oh! 012.Success 013.A Real Big Problem 014.Save the Day 015.Villain (antagonist)
016.King 017.Queen 018.Joker 019.Sidekick 020.Evil is Fun!
021.Water 022.Fire 023.Earth 024.Air 025.Spirit
026.Just Passing Through 027.Fight! 028.You only Hurt the Ones you Love 029.School 030.Music
031.Broken 032.Fixed 033.Light 034.Shadow 035.Shattered
036.Destruction 037.What was that? 038.Against All Odds 039.Missing 040.Choices
041.Hopelessness 042.Blind 043.Deaf 044.Reluctant Hero 045.Attitude
046.What has gone before 047.Parents 048.Life 049.Leaving it all behind 050.Robot
051.Red 052.Blue 053.Green 054.Yellow 055.Pink
056.White 057.Black 058.Morph! (change) 059.Keeping It Secret 060.Welcome to the Club
061.What cool toys you have! 062.Zords (vehicles) 063.Hours 064.Time Warp 065.Teammates
066.Friends 067.Enemies 068.Lovers 069.Family 070.Strangers
071.Heart 072.Diamond in the Rough 073.Agony 074.Healing 075.Storm
076.Rain 077.Snow 078.Sun 079.Moon 080.Star
081.Breakfast 082.Lunch 083.Dinner 084.Drink 085.Resistance is Futile
086.Winter 087.Spring 088.Summer 089.Fall 090.A New Year
091.Birthday 092.Holiday 093.Thank You 094.Lost 095.Found
096.Writer‘s Choice 097.Writer‘s Choice 098.Writer‘s Choice 099.Writer‘s Choice 100.Writer‘s Choice

The Code:
(if you feel the urge to include the huge table on your lj)

Power Rangers Anonymous Fic Meme! (G to PG-13 version)
Power Rangers Anonymous KINK Meme! (R to NC-17 version)

Staking your claim is done here. There are no limits as to how many people can claim a certain season/team/pairing, but we do like to keep track of who's doing what. Be sure to browse through the Main Rules section first.

Pick a particular character, team or whole fandom. Yes; you can have a free-for-all with Dino Thunder if you so choose, but someone else can opt to choose it as well. OC's are welcome, but they must be paired with a canon Ranger. Does the pairing have to be romantic? Not at all! They can be just friends, random acquaintances and since this is AU, they could even be dire enemies. (We all know that Jack secretly wishes to murder Omega anyway. hee.) There are no restrictions whatsoever as to how many people can claim one pairing- all we ask is that you stake your claim before you begin posting, so we can keep track of who's doing what and how many.

Anything else? Probably. For additional questions, hit up the FAQs. And for anything else you may think of, hit the Etcetera page.

We're also open to hearing any other suggestions to make this comm better. We want to please you guys and encourage posting- really, we do. We have some talented writers in this fandom and don't want to turn them off from participating in this challenge. If something's bothering you, don't be shy about telling us- we can't fix what we don't know is broken.

Well, that's the brunt of it all. Sit back, relax, enjoy and get to writing! *hee*