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10 September 2011 @ 05:07 am
fic: I'd Find You Chapter Two: To Love You More  
Title: I'd Find You
Fandom: MMPR, Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie
Pairings: Jason/Kimberly, past Zack/Trini
Spoilers: up to the Turbo movie.
Summary: This is my explanation of how J/K came to be together before the events of the Turbo movie.

Chapter Two: To Love You More

They had a fabulous time at the beach. They all returned about an hour or so later, and they all convened in the kitchen. It was time for some lunch. Emma hadn't come down. Jason was kind of glad of that, she'd been making him nervous. He didn't want to believe that Emma would do that to Kimberly, have a crush on him. but that seemed to be the case. They were making chicken and mashed potatoes. Jason loved visiting here. He always had such a blast. He loved Skyler and Beth. He could tell that they really cared about Kimberly. He liked that. His cell phone trilled as they were bustling around the kitchen. It was his best friend Zack. Zack was at school in New York now. He'd graduated early and was now a freshman at Hudson University. He excused himself and headed into the living room to take it. "What's up, Z-Man?" He asked, as he sat down on the couch. He and Zack hadn't talked in a very long time. He was glad to hear from him.

Zack grinned. He was back home in Angel Grove for a couple of days. He was picking up some things from his parents' house for his new apartment. He had a crap job as a fry cook so he could have an apartment. He couldn't stay in his dorm during the summer. He did a month to month lease so that he'd be able to go right back to school. He was in his parents' kitchen getting something to eat. "What's up, Jase? How's things goin' down there in Florida?" He was fussing in the refridgerator.

Jason knew what Zack was really asking. He was asking about how things were going with Kim. He and Zack talked every day. Zack knew what was going on. Jason smiled as he replied, "It's going great, man. Kim and I are totally dating now. I could not be happier. How's things going with you?" He and Zack had always been best friends. He knew everyone thought that he and Tommy had been best friends. They hadn't, not really. Jason had been too jealous of him for them to get really close. They had been friends, but it was more of a they had all the same friends so they hung out all the time kind of thing. And being Rangers together. Jason had agreed to be the Gold Ranger not for Tommy, but for the other Rangers, and for himself. He'd wanted that feeling back. That saving the world feeling. He'd missed it, as much as he missed Zack now. And as much as he missed Trini. They'd lost her to a car accident. It had been terrifying.

Zack couldn't help grinning as he got out some lunchmeat and yanked a loaf of bread off the counter. He said, "Things are goin' great. I am back on our old stomping grounds for a couple of days to get some stuff for my new apartment. What about you, man? What are you going to do with your life? I know you plan on marrying Kim and all, but you've been planning on that since you were five. That's not new." He began making his sandwhich. He wasn't trying to make things hard for Jason, he just really wanted to know. He couldn't help it, he had so much going on in his life right now, so he wanted Jason to have it all, too. Zack had almost given up when they'd lost Trini. He and Trini had had a very serious relationship when they'd been at the Youth Conference. When he'd lost her, he'd lost everything. Jason had been Zack's rock, who had brought him from the brink back into the land of the living. Zack wanted to repay Jason in any way that he could, and asking Jason what he was going to do with his life was where he was going to start.

Jason laughed. "You know, you're as bad as my siblings. Charlie asks me that all the time. I think I want to go to medical school. I want to be a nurse, help people. It will be hard, but I love helping people. You know that's why I was the Gold Ranger. I like the feeling I get from helping people. You and Kim are the best friends I've got, and I appreciate you. So I don't even mind you nagging me." He laughed again.

Kimberly heard her boyfriend laughing from the kitchen. She smiled. She loved his laugh. His laugh was deep and sexy. She loved to hear it. She briefly wondered who he was talking to as Skyler came in the door. She watched as Beth gave him a hug and a kiss. She smiled. "Hey, Skye. Jason's here visiting."

Skyler grinned at her. His brown hair was full and a lock of hair fell over his eye. He could tell by the look on Kim's face that things had actually happened with Jason. He gave her a smile. "That's great, Kim, I like Jason a lot." He had his arm around Beth. He liked Kimberly very much. He was glad Beth had her. Beth had lost quite a few friends because of her gymnastics. And Kim was loyal. He also thought that Emma was only temporary. She kept to herself too much. Skyler knew Emma didn't like him, and he didn't really know why. He wished that he did. She hadn't ever done anything to him, it was just this vibe he was getting. It was something that they had all picked up on. It made life in the apartment difficult at times.

Kimberly said, "We're having chicken and potatoes if you want." She put the chicken in the oven and put the potatoes in the boiling water. She made mashed potatoes from scratch. Jason joined them in the kitchen, and she gave him a smile. He smiled back, and she felt everything fall into place. She hadn't even known anything was out of place until he smiled at her. She loved how he could smile at her and her whole world was set to rights.

Later that evening, they were kissing on Kimberly's bed like they had never kissed before. Kimberly's shirt was on the floor, and her bra was about to meet it. There was a condom on the nightstand. Neither one of them had done this before. They weren't even thinking of backing out. It felt right for both of them. Jason had been thinking about this since he was 14 years old. It had always been Kimberly. He had never loved anyone like he loved her, and he never would. He could still hardly believe that this was happening.

Kimberly pulled Jason's shirt off his head and resumed kissing him. She didn't think that they had actually talked about this, they had just decided to do it. She ran her hand through his hair, ruffling it up. She loved playing with his hair. It was soft and beautiful. They stood up long enough to dash off the rest of their clothes and Jason put on the condom. Then Jason picked Kim up, swung her around, and dropped her on the bed. He pushed himself abover her and leaned down to kiss her on the mouth. His hand caressed her breast as he slipped his tongue in her mouth. They kissed until neither one of them could breathe. She gasped as it broke, and Jason looked down at her. "Are you ready, babe?" He asked.

Kimberly gave him another kiss, and said, "Yes, babe." He slowly eased into her, and she gave a gasp at first, and then a moan. His thrusts slowly quickened, and they both groaned together. A few more thrusts, and they both shuddered and orgasmed. Jason pulled out, and disposed of the condom and came to lie back down beside her. He slipped his arms around her and she laid her head on his chest. She had never imagined it would be good the first time, she'd always heard the first time was terrible.

Jason kissed her forehead. "I love you, baby." He said, as they snuggled up together. Kimberly murmured that she loved him too and they drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, when they went downstairs, Beth and Skyler were both already there, cooking breakfast. They had eggs going, toast, bacon, and waffles. They didn't usually eat this much in the morning, but usually when Jason was visiting, they usually let loose a little. Kimberly got out the dishes and glasses to set the table. Skyler gave Jason a wink. "How'd you sleep, dude?" He asked.

Jason gave him a wink back. "Just fine, Skye." He chuckled he got out some syrup, butter, and silverware to help Kim with the table. "So, I talked to Zack yesterday." He said, mainly to Kim, but Beth and Skyler knew who he was, too.

Kimberly said, "How is Zack? I haven't spoken to him in awhile." She missed Zack. She and Jason had always had a lot of fun times with Zack. She loved Zack like a big brother. They had always gotten along well. She wasn't even sure that they'd ever fought.

Jason poured orange juice and replied, "He's doing great. I never thought that he'd be doing so good after losing Trini like he did. I'm glad. I tried so hard to keep him from killing himself. He is doing great now. He graduated early. He's a freshman at Hudson University." He was very proud of Zack. He'd come so far.

Kimberly was sobered for a minute, although Trini had been dead for a couple of years. She said, "Yes, it's good that he's doing so much better now." She took the platters of food, and set them down on the table. They all sat down at the table. They knew it would be pointless to call Emma, she didn't want to join them in meals that Skyler was present at. They didn't think it was right, but they didn't know how to fix it. And they couldn't ask her to leave. They weren't even sure why they'd asked her to be roommates.

Jason was very glad he'd been able to come. He hadn't thought that things would turn out so well. He also had a plan to help the Rangers with the kids shelter. He was hoping Kim would want to visit Angel Grove. He also hadn't told her that he was planning on coming back to Florida with her until she was done at the Pan Globals. He was sure she'd get a spot. She was such a talented gymnast. He asked, "So, Beth, what do you and Skyler have planned for today? Do you want to do something with us?"

Beth and Skyler had been planning on going to the mall. Beth had heard there were some major sales going on and she needed some things. She figured if Jase and Kim wanted to go, it was fine with her. She said, "We have to go to the mall. Lots of sales going on." Kimberly's face lit up at the sound of mall sales. Beth said, "You and Kim can come along. I know Kimmie can't resist sales."

Kimberly laughed as she took a bite of her waffles. She was so glad that she got to go to the mall. She loved clothes shopping. She glanced at her boyfriend, who was smiling at her. She gave him a kiss, and said to Beth, "You're right, girl, I totally can't resist a mall sale."

Emma heard the frivolity going on from her room. She wished she could join them. She knew that Skyler was down there. She had had dreams of Jason the night before, and she felt badly about that. She hoped that would stop. She didn't want to do that to Kim. And yet a small part of her didn't feel that guilty.
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