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13 May 2010 @ 12:04 am
Fic: Down Which Path: Chapter 2 (Zeo, Dustin/Andros, #10 Sixth Sense, R)  
Title: Down Which Path
Fandom: Zeo post 'Mondo's Last Stand' and an alternate reality through to MF
Pairing: Rocky/Adam UST, AU – Adam/Rocky/Aisha, Andros/Dustin
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I own nothing to do with the Power Rangers. It’s not my toy box, I’m merely playing.
Summary: Written for the pr_au100 prompt #10 Sixth Sense. In another reality ‘The Ninja Encounter’ went radically different. When Rocky is captured by a warrior from this reality, it’s up to Dustin to keep their spirits up till they’re rescued. Will he succeed or will Rocky give in and become evil?
Warning/AN1: This fic deals with three chars we’ve come to know as good being turned evil, entering into a threesome relationship and basically wreaking havoc over their world. This piece will include mentions and description of char death. This isn’t light an fluffy and I’m putting Rocky through a lot (he is given memories of what his evil self did) which is why he and Adam aren’t ending up together at the end…I would have to write a recovery fic for that to be feasible.
A/N2: This piece is told from three chars pov: Rocky and the AU realities version of Dustin and Skull, except in this AU Skull now goes by Gene. The AU version of Adam goes by Three. The AU version of Rocky went by Two and the AU version of Aisha went by One (but these two chars are dead). Thank you.

Chapter 2:

Dustin hit the ground. He braced himself and managed to stop sliding. The man who looked like Two, had to be this worlds version of him, landed nearby. As both of them stood bars rose from the floor, surrounded them.

Three stood outside glaring at them. The man who looked like Two was staring at Three in horror. Dustin shook him, in an attempt to change his focus, as he said, “Dude, you have to morph. He can’t hurt you as badly if you’re morphed.”

The young man simply stood there as if he hadn’t heard Dustin. Three moved closer. Dustin turned and growled, “Stay away from him.”

“He’s why I’m here, why would I do that?” Three responded obviously not looking for an answer.

“You’re the reason I…you…Adam?” the young man tried.

A smirk spread Three’s face as he moved in, “You could feel me searching for you, couldn’t you?”

The young man wet his lips, “Yes.”

A sinister smile spread Three’s face as he reached through the bars to touch a cheek, “Soon you’ll be evil. Soon we’ll go home.”

The young man shuddered, his eyes widening in horror, but he didn’t move. Dustin batted Three’s hand away and turned, “No! Stay away from him.”

Three turned to glare at him. A wave of a hand sent him flying back. The bars shifted so that only he, Dustin, was inside as Three told him, “If you weren’t instrumental in returning One to me I’d destroy you.”

The young man turned to look at him, confusion evident on his face, before he turned back to Three, “Adam...you can’t be evil.”

“I am,” Three told him, moved in till they were almost touching, “So are you and so is Aisha. Except she’s One, you’re Two and I’m Three?”

The young man shook his head, took a step back, “Two?”

“Yes,” Three said holding out a hand.

“No, I’m Rocky. You’re Adam and we’re not evil. We’re good guys. We’re Power Rangers,” the young man declared a look of determination taking over his face.

Dustin pushed against the bars. Two had a name. Here Two wasn’t evil, but good. Here Two wasn’t Two, but Rocky. Dustin shook his head. Three would try to change that. It’d had been the plan all along, exchange him for this worlds versions of One and Two. Well it wasn’t going to happen, not on his watch. Dustin threw himself against the bars, “Dude! Leave him alone!”

“Ignore him,” Three stated, “Focus on me.”

Rocky stood frozen. He wanted to move, a part of him was screaming to fight back, but another part of him couldn’t believe that Adam could be evil. A part of him was balking at the evil he could practically feel radiating off his best friend. No! This wasn’t his best friend. This was just someone who looked like Adam, but was evil. This wasn’t his Adam.

“Sit,” Three told him as a chair appeared and he pushed Rocky into it.

Even if this wasn’t his Adam, he was still on some level Adam. Rocky caught Three’s hand, “How did it happen?”

“How were we turned evil?” Three attempted to clarify.

Rocky nodded searching the eyes that were running over him.

Three’s cold eyes met his, “We won a competition. Zedd decided we’d make wonderful warriors. There was a snake and pathetic rangers attempting to stop the inevitable, but…”

“No,” Rocky told him, “They saved us.”

Three tilted his head, moved in with a sinister smile. Rocky flinched as Three cupped his face, “Where I’m from we killed the rangers that tried to save us.”

“They were our friends,” Rocky glared defiantly.

Three shrugged, “Where’s Aisha?”

Rocky felt suddenly chilled at the thought of this version of Adam getting anywhere near Aisha. His eyes widened as he shook his head slowly.

“Where is she?” Three asked, voice frustrated.

“She’s dead,” Rocky lied.

Three laughed, “Pathetic. I searched for you. I chose this world because not only were both of you here, but both of you lined up with the proper colors.”

“I’m blue here so…you’re green, Aisha’s yellow and I’m blue?”

Three nodded, “When Rita and Zedd made us their evil rangers they made each of us the color of the first ranger we’d killed.”

Rocky shook his head. He hadn’t killed Billy. Billy was his friend, had been his friend. Rocky glared defiantly as he pointed out, “There wasn’t a green ranger when they tried to rescue us.”

Three smirked, “Tommy was green before he was white. He’d been Rita’s evil green ranger. It amused her to make another green one, especially since her first had died by my hands.”

“Tommy’s your friend!”

Three tilted his head at Rocky’s outburst, “No, Tommy dead. So are Rita and Zedd. They gave the three of us power, made us into The Triad. Then when we were ready we killed them. We even destroyed Dark Specter and took over the universe.”

“Dark who?” Rocky asked before he jibbed, “Sorry, haven’t heard of him.”

“Give it time, you will. Now where’s Aisha?” Three asked again as he moved in till they were nose to nose.

“Dead,” Rocky insisted, in an attempt to keep up his ruse. He couldn’t risk putting his best friend, who no longer had the power to morph, in danger.

Three smirked, “Have your lie then.”

Rocky scowled, as Three pulled out to vials he had hanging around his neck.

“I miss the two of you,” Three told Rocky as he walked around behind him, trailing a hand over Rocky’s shoulders. Rocky shuddered at the touch, but he couldn’t move, couldn’t run and how could he run when the yellow ranger was trapped?

Three stepped in front of Rocky again, “Perhaps a present.”

Dustin began throwing himself against the bars again, yelling for Rocky to run.

Rocky winced, “I can’t.”

“No,” Three smirked, “you can’t.”

Three separated the blue vial from its cord and held it up.

“What’s that?” Rocky questioned.

“All I was able to save of you,” Three told him as he opened the vial and held it out. A blue mist slowly made its way from the vial and surrounded Rocky.

Rocky tried again to stand, to run and found he couldn’t.

“Remember who you are,” Three told him, “Remember how we began.”

Rocky attempted to ground out that he wasn’t this Two, that he was Rocky, but then he found himself in a cave…no the cave. Adam was screaming and he was too. Aisha was standing and breaking her chains, that snake curling around her neck.

No, this wasn’t how it had happened! The Power Rangers had saved them.

Aisha’s head turned, tilted and she glared. She tossed the snack at him. The snake curled around his arm, teeth digging in. Rocky didn’t even have time to scream in pain, though he could hear Adam yelling. He could hear Mr. Anderson...he could feel the evil working its way through his veins.

He was evil, it was so very easy.

The blue and yellow power ranger ran in. While the blue grabbed the snake away from him, the yellow teleported Mr. Anderson amid protests. Adam was telling them to run. Aisha grabbed Adam as the blue fell, writhing on the ground as he struggled with the snake.

Rocky stood and broke the chains that had held him. He stalked over to where the blue was coughing, sputtering. He took the snake away from the blue, held it out for Aisha.

“Wh..at are…” the blue barely stuttered.

“No!” Adam screamed, “Sha don’t! Please Aisha!”

Rocky pinned the blue, found that in the blue’s weakened state this was simple or was it that the evil in coursing through him had made him strong? The blue was sputtering, struggling with the latches on his helmet.

Adam stopped screaming.

Rocky pulled the helmet away as the latches came undone. Some distant part of him told him that he knew the boy beneath him, but that didn’t matter. This blue, Billy, was good and had to be destroyed. He closed his hands over Billy’s throat. Billy’s fingers clutched at his hands and he pressed tighter still. Billy…he..Rocky…no!

Rocky gasped, screaming as he came out of the memory. He slumped in the chair Three had set him in as Three closed the blue vial.

“Do you understand now?” Three asked, “Do you see how strong we are? How evil?”

“Billy,” Rocky moaned, “I can…I killed him.”

“The first ranger to fall,” Three told him, “Pathetically easy, the other posed more of a challenge.”

“He was weak,” Rocky growled as tears started paths down his face. He could still feel his hands closing around Billy’s throat, “He was trying to save us!”

“And you killed him for it,” Three reminded.

Rocky shuddered, “I killed Billy.”

Three pulled Rocky to his feet and over to the cage he had erected, he shoved Rocky inside.
“Now remember where One is. I wish to go home.”

Rocky stumbled and fell as the bar closed around him. Dustin grabbed him.

“It’s not real!” Dustin told him, “That wasn’t you!”

“I killed Billy,” Rocky repeated.

Dustin grabbed Rocky by his shoulders, let the visor of his mask fall away so Rocky could see his face, “That wasn’t you. That was Two. It’s not real. You’re a Power Ranger. You need to morph.”

“I killed Billy,” Rocky moaned, unable to get the scene, the feeling of it out of his head.