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01 January 2010 @ 01:07 pm
055 Pink 039 Missing  
Missed a day again! My weeks have been so weird lately. Here's two to make up.

Title: Darkness Overwhelming
Fandom: Mystic Force
Pairing: N/A
Rating: 15
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary/Warnings: Somewhere, all wishes come true. Zoe's doing her best. Leelee makes her move.
Word Count: 1 230 / 52 682
Author's notes: My table is here.

055 Pink

There was a perfect sheet, pink with a slight sheen. Zoe grinned, carefully beginning the folds.

“I tried origami once,” Maddie said from the fire. “Could never get it right.”

“Takes practise.” Xander held out his hands, eyeing them. “And small hands.”

“Not small hands,” Zoe corrected him. “Just the ability to be gentle.”

He was grinning when she looked up, and she flashed a smile before bending back over her work.

“This is Vida’s, right?” Maddie asked, watching. “What is it?”

“You’ll have to wait and see,” Chip told her. “Zoe never tells.”

“How do you decide what to make?” Clare asked curiously.

“Colours,” Zoe said absently. “They all mean things. So I pick colours for people, and make things the colours will work for.”

“You picked green for Xander.”

“Green is safety, stability and hope. And growing things, but that didn’t count.”

“And pink?” Maddie asked, laughing soundlessly at the fierce blush burning in Xander’s cheeks.

“Pink is friendship and fun and acceptance.”

“And that says Vida to you?” Chip said doubtfully.

“Chip!” Maddie protested, throwing a cushion at him.

Zoe ducked out of the ensuing wrestling match, settling near Clare to finish what she was doing. “They’re beautiful,” Clare told her, watching the sure movements.

“Well, they make it a little better in here.” She considered the one completed piece, sitting on an otherwise empty shelf, and added, “Or they show up the dirt. I’m not sure yet.”

“You’ll have to make plenty, then, won’t you?” Clare said lightly. Zoe grinned, making the final fold and turning the piece over, and Clare laughed out loud.

“What is it?” Maddie asked, looking up from where she was comfortably nestled against Chip.

“It’s a pterodactyl,” Zoe said proudly, displaying it.

Chip grinned, leaning over to poke Vida. “Wake up, Vee. Look what Zoe made for you.”

“Let her sleep,” Zoe said quickly, rising to put the pterodactyl beside Xander’s basilisk. “She can see it later.”

Xander smiled as she came back to sit beside him. “They’re good, Zo.”

“Not my best,” she said critically, “but they look good together, don’t they?”

“They look great.” Lowering his voice, he added, “You’re doing really well, Zo. I’m so proud of you.”

She smiled, leaning back against him. “You too, Xand.”

039 Missing


Leelee tossed her hair. “Yes?”

“The White Witch’s Snow Staff is missing.”


“You were seen in Koragg’s quarters yesterday.”


“Be careful, daughter,” Necrolai warned her.

“I’ve been trying to find the Gatekeeper’s daughter. She’s joined up with some kids in the town, and they won’t hand her over. I’ve been trying to make Udonna tell me something I can use to prove to them we have her. The kid might hand herself over.”

“And the Snow Staff?” Morticon demanded.

“That tacky thing? Didn’t touch it, didn’t want to.” She turned to her mother. “Can I go now? I’m so bored.”

“The only other being who walks unchallenged in your quarters is the Troblin,” Necrolai pointed out.

“The Troblin was not here yesterday,” Koragg said distantly. “He had no opportunity.”

Mom,” Leelee insisted.

“Yes, yes,” she said impatiently. “Go.”

Outside Leelee leaned against the wall, breathing fast. “Too close,” she murmured, pushing away from the wall and heading to her room.

It took twenty minutes before Phineas arrived, carrying a bowl of something. “Did you get away with it?” he asked urgently, voice low.

“Yeah. Sometimes being brainless is the best defence. What now?”

“Do you know where Rootcore i—was?”

Leelee frowned, taking the bowl. “Sort of.”

“Get the Snow Staff there, it’ll find the Mystic Wands. If we can find people to carry those, we’ll have a chance.”

“Alright.” Leelee jerked her head towards the door. “You should go. My mom’s trying to put the blame on you.”

“Shame I wasn’t here the day it went missing, isn’t it?” He grinned, turning away.

“Where do you go?” Leelee asked suddenly. “When he sends you away.”

“I’m working on something different. Sort of a back up plan.”

Leelee nodded quietly. “Something you won’t tell me. Alright. I’ll get the Wands. Hurry up before my mom comes to check on me.”

Phineas nodded, turning to leave. Leelee gave it ten more minutes—that was as long as she dared wait, sure her mother would come after her—before flouncing out and declaring to the nearest guard, “I’m out of here. Tell my mom I’ll be back sometime.”

She didn’t wait for an answer, stalking off and breaking into a run as soon as she was out of sight.

Nick and Zoe were standing in line, waiting patiently to reach the field, when she stopped next to him. “Come with me,” she ordered.

“Whoah. Why?”

“Because I’ve just told you to. Come on!”

“Leelee.” Nick dug his heels in, jerking her to a halt.

Leelee glanced past him at Zoe, dismissing her. “I need your help with something.”

Nick studied her for a minute, frowning. “I can’t leave Zoe on her own. Can you wait for me?”

“No, she’ll have to come. Come on.” Leelee stalked up to the field, reaching back to catch Nick’s sleeve as she walked through. Nick was clinging grimly to Zoe’s hand, and she came through after them.

“Who’s on duty?” Leelee asked the nearest Guardian. “Go find them.”

“Leelee, what are we doing?” Nick asked, keeping one hand on Zoe’s arm.

“I have to go find something,” she said absently. “And once we find it I have to hide it. My mom won’t look with you, she doesn’t know where you live.”

“Leelee!” Carter called, hurrying up with Dana on his heels. “Ryan’s not here.”

“Get him,” she said shortly. “I need him. And someone take care of the girl, she can’t come.”

Zoe’s eyes widened and she gripped Nick’s arm tighter. “Why not?” Nick asked, glaring at Dana when she tried to approach.

“Because she doesn’t have any magical potential.”

“Neither do I!”

Leelee only glanced at him without bothering to answer.

“Ryan’s not magic either,” Dana pointed out.

“He’s magic enough. Is he coming?”

“Yeah, he’s coming,” Carter agreed. “Who…”

“Zoe,” Nick said quietly. “Zo, you’re gonna havta stay here, ok?”

“I want to go back to Xander.”

“Yeah. As soon as I come back, you can.”

“Don’t leave me here,” Zoe murmured.

“It won’t be for long.” Nick glanced up, catching Leelee’s eye as he added, “Promise.”

Ryan was obviously still half asleep when he stumbled towards them, tugging his jumper over his head. “Leelee. I…hello.” Nick nodded vaguely and he looked back at Leelee. “What’s wrong?”

“I need your help. You and him. We need to go find Rootcore.”

“Rootcore?” Ryan repeated.

“Udonna’s headquarters. There’s something there we need. And only you and he can get in.”

Ryan nodded slowly. “Alright. Where’s Rootcore?”

“It’s in the magical dimension. We can only get in from this side of the field.” She glanced at Nick. “I’m sorry about the kid.”

“Yeah,” Nick muttered, gently urging Zoe to let go of him. “Little late now, Leelee. Zoe, it’s ok. I won’t be long. Promise.”

Carter crossed to hunker in front of them, smiling gently. “Hey, Zoe. I’m Carter. Wanna come with me? We’ll get you something to eat, yeah?”

Nick nodded gratefully at him and joined Leelee and Ryan. “Nick,” he said absently.

“Ryan. Where are we going, Leelee?”

“This way. Come on.”