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22 December 2009 @ 08:04 am
034 Shadow  
Title: Darkness Overwhelming
Fandom: Mystic Force
Pairing: N/A
Rating: 15
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary/Warnings: Somewhere, all wishes come true. LeeLee's still struggling.
Word Count: 1074 / 52 682
Author's notes: My table is here.

034 Shadow

Two days after Leelee’s last visit Ryan was still trying to explain it to the others. Eric was having the most trouble; Ryan caught himself wishing the Quantum Ranger had been evil, instead of just chronically bad tempered. He might find it easier to understand, then.

But Ryan’s team had fought to bring him back from the edge, and Wes was willing to trust him. The Time Force Rangers hadn’t had an evil Ranger, but he’d been there when Ransik changed sides.

“Do you think she’ll do it?” Dana asked quietly.

Ryan didn’t bother pretending not to understand; his sister was supporting him unquestioningly in public, but in private she kept coming back to it, over and over. “She will. When she’s thought about it.”

“How can you tell?”

“How did you know I would?”

“You’re my brother,” Dana protested.

“I’m not Carter’s brother. Or Kelsey’s. They were just as sure.”

“Ryan?” Wes leaned into their tent. “Sorry. Leelee’s back. She says it’s important, but she’ll only talk to you.”

“Coming.” He glanced at Dana. “Want to come?”

“She won’t talk to me. Go on.”

Wes stepped aside to let him out, ducking in once he was gone. “You ok?”

“Yes, of course.” Dana smiled brightly at him.


“I’m fine, Wes. Honest. Go back to your watch.”

Leelee was standing, arms folded, totally ignoring Angela’s attempt to talk to her. Ryan strode up, easing her to one side without apology.

“You know, you can talk to any of my friends.”

“No.” Leelee shook her head. “Just you.”

“Alright. Excuse us,” he added to Angela. She grimaced, but she stepped aside and let them pass.

He walked in silence, waiting patiently for Leelee to begin. She didn’t seem any more eager, though, and eventually he turned, pausing them both and leaning back against the nearest tree.

“I wasn’t sure you’d come back.”

“I wasn’t going to.” She folded her arms across her chest, looking away.

“I’m glad you did.”

“I’m not,” she muttered. “How much do you know about us, Ryan?”

Ryan frowned. “Not much. There’s your mother, and another, one in armour. And the Hydiacs.”

“Koragg. They both follow Morticon, more or less, and he follows the Master.” Ryan nodded, listening intently. “Koragg has a prisoner…well, she was a prisoner. I’m not sure what she is now. Her name is Udonna, and she’s the leader of the magical beings.”

“Magical beings,” Ryan repeated.

“There’s this whole other dimension just outside the town. Nearly all the magical beings live there. Morticon and the Master are there, too, but the Master’s trapped for now. Udonna’s the leader of the good magical beings, and they’re ready to rise up. I’m supposed to make sure you know what’s happening and that you’re ready.”

“When’s it happening?”

“Not yet. If Udonna leaves Koragg will be destroyed, and that’ll put my mother in power. She’ll destroy the town.”

Ryan nodded slowly. “Alright. What about the town?”

“I don’t know. If I tell any of them, they’ll probably go straight to my mother…or Koragg.”

“Koragg won’t help?”

She shook her head. “He’s loyal to the Master. He’ll give Udonna up if he thinks she’s planning something.”

“But she trusted you.” Ryan smiled, dipping his head to catch her eye. “See? I was right about you.”


“Are you sure Koragg can’t be persuaded to switch sides? He’d be useful.”

“He’s totally loyal. He won’t…” she hesitated, thinking rapidly. “He protects Udonna.”

“Then try and persuade him to help her. Let her go.”

“No. My mother’s out for her. If he lets her go she’ll be killed before she can do anything.”

“Then he has to switch sides, or we need to make sure your mother can’t hurt her.” He was watching her carefully as he said it.

“My mom’s a vampire queen. There’s no way to…” Leelee choked on the word; Ryan nodded easily.

“Alright. Look, is there anyone in town you trust?”

She bit her fingernail, thinking. “There’s the boy I got the medicine for.”

“Good. Who is he?”

Leelee shrugged helplessly. “I don’t know. He was a boy.”

“I’d see if I could find him again,” Ryan suggested gently.

“Yeah.” Leelee dropped her hand, sighing. “Udonna said I should be Necrolai’s daughter. Like I was. Hurt people.”

Ryan thought for a moment. “Maybe not hurt them. Can you yell at them, be angry all the time?”

“Hello?” Leelee fluffed her hair, smiling dangerously. “I am angry.”

“Good. That’s good.” He pushed away from the tree. “What about these magical beings?”

“They’ve no more power. When the Darkness came, all the magic slid to evil. No good being can use it anymore.”

“Can we get to them?”

“No. You’ve no…”

She stopped, studying him. “Except you do, don’t you.”

“Do what?”

“Have magical potential.”

Ryan shook his head. “I can’t do magic.”

“No. But you’re a little bit magic. You could probably get there, if you wanted to. They might not talk to you, though; my mom goes hunting when she’s bored. They’ll think you’re one of hers. But Phineas is talking to them, anyway.”


“Koragg’s…manservant, or whatever. Or Udonna’s. I’m not sure who he’s actually following.”

Ryan laughed softly. “Your world is complicated, Leelee.”

“Yeah. Very.” She hesitated, watching him. “How did you decide?”

“Which side? It wasn’t as hard for me. My sister and father were on one side, and I was on the other. All of my life, everything I believed, was all built on lies. Once I figured that out, the rest was easy.”

“My mom lies to me,” Leelee murmured. “But she still…she’s my mom, Ryan.”

“I understand,” Ryan agreed quietly. “You can still go back and join her.”

“But she’s wrong. Isn’t she?”

“Yeah. But you can still go back to her.”

“No.” Leelee folded her arms again. “Don’t tempt me.”

She glanced over his shoulder, frowning, and he turned to follow her gaze. Eric was watching them, ignoring Chad and Joel as they tried to lead him away.

“Did they trust you?” she asked quietly.

“Yeah. But it was easier for me.”

“Your sister.”

He nudged her lightly. “The Rangers aren’t perfect either. Not all perfectly light.”

“Not all dark, either,” she retorted.

“You’re not dark. A little shadowed, maybe. Hey, I tried to kill Dana. You’re alright.”

“I have to go back,” she murmured. “I’ll be back when we know something more.”

“Thanks,” Ryan said sincerely.

“Yeah. See you later.”