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09 November 2009 @ 08:30 am
032 Fixed; 096 Writer's Choice: Wisdom to Lead  
Title: Darkness Overwhelming
Fandom: Mystic Force
Pairing: N/A
Rating: 15
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary/Warnings: Somewhere, all wishes come true. Ryan meets LeeLee; the Rangers are offered help.
Word Count: 1 248 / 52 682
Author's notes: My table is here.

Two chapters today because I missed Friday on account of the baby.

032 Fixed

Carter was on duty with Chad and Kelsey late in the evening when Leelee stepped through the field. The Guardians on duty surrounded her, but she ignored them, watching Carter.

“Stand down,” he ordered quickly. The Guardians took two precise steps back, lowering but not holstering their weapons. Carter stepped past them, Chad and Kelsey on his heels.

“Where’s Ryan?” she demanded.

Carter glanced at Chad, who eased back a step or two before hurrying away. “On his way.”

“Good.” Leelee glanced over her shoulder. “That’ll stay open as long as I’m on this side,” she added idly.

Kelsey brushed against Carter’s side as she turned, scanning the nearby Guardians until she found the squad commander. “Let’s get started! We don’t have long!”

Ryan stepped past Carter, pausing just out of Leelee’s reach. “Hi.”

“We’re not the same,” she snapped.

“We’re close. I grew up with evil, but I didn’t belong there either.”

“You’re talking about my mom.”

“You’re not a vampire, Leelee.”

“I am,” she said defiantly. “I’ll be the next Queen of the Vampires.”

“I would have been Lord of the Demons,” Ryan offered.

Dana leaned against Carter from one side; on his other side, Chad was watching intently.

“You’re a Ranger. A hero.” Leelee gestured vaguely to Ryan’s morpher. “We’re not the same.”

“You don’t need one of these to be a hero,” Ryan said patiently. “Heroes become Rangers. Not the other way around.”

“I’m leaving,” Leelee announced. “Get your men away.”

Carter turned to catch Kelsey’s eye; she was already calling the Guardians back. Wes had arrived at some point and was standing behind her, silently backing her up.

“Leelee,” Ryan said quietly.

“My mom’s gonna be looking for me.”

“You don’t have to go back.”

“I can’t…” Leelee shook her head. “She’s my mom, Ryan. I can’t leave her.”

Ryan studied her for a minute before nodding. “Yeah. Ok. Just remember, you can come here if you need to.”

“Ryan!” Eric protested, but Wes caught his arm, cutting him off.

“Your friends don’t like me.”

“My friends don’t know you. Let them.”

“No.” Leelee stepped back, towards the field. “I’m bored with this. I’m going home.”


She was gone before Ryan could finish the sentence.

“You want them to know everything we’re doing?” Eric demanded.

“They already know everything we’re doing. We’re handing out supplies and trying to get through the field. They’re not worried about us, or they’d have run us off.”

Dana left Carter’s side to join Ryan; Carter didn’t move, aware that he couldn’t take sides in this. Wes hadn’t moved, either, but Kelsey was coming back to join them.

“You don’t know she’s not evil. She could be spying.”

“She’s not.” Ryan shook his head. “You weren’t evil; you don’t understand. She’s not evil, she’s just…she’ll be good. We just have to show her she can.”

Dana touched his arm lightly. “Hey, let’s go eat something, yeah? I’m hungry. Been sitting with you.”

Ryan blinked, looking down as though he’d forgotten she was there. “Yeah. I’m coming, little sister.”

He looked back at Eric. “We can help her. She’s not totally lost yet, we can save her. Maybe we can fix this.” He gestured vaguely around.

“Come on,” Dana said again. Kelsey went to join them and between them, the girls led him away.

096 Writer’s Choice: Wisdom to Lead

“Commander Collins, you have visitors.”

Wes nodded at the Guardian, grinning cheerfully at Ryan. “You’ll have to finish by yourself, I’ve got visitors.”

“Hey, you want paperwork, go ahead. Why do you even have these forms? How much use can you possibly get out of…” He turned the form over, looking for the header. “ ‘Former enemy offering aid; ally status unknown.’ How much use can you possibly get out of a form like that?”

“You’d be surprised,” Wes said absently. “You want me to get someone to give you a hand?”

“No. Go ahead.”

Eric caught Wes’ eye on his way across the camp, raising an eyebrow; Wes shook his head, halting by the main entry.

“Wes!” Cole clasped his hand, grinning. “Good to see you!”

“You too.” He nodded to Tommy, not surprised when the older man didn’t offer his hand. “Thanks for coming.”

Cole was inspecting his newly grey sweater. “That’s creepy,” he said cheerfully.

“Yeah. We’ve been rotating the Guardians in and out for a while.” He looked at Tommy again. “Leelee came to us today.”

“Leelee,” Tommy repeated. “The vampire’s daughter, right?”

“Yeah. Ryan thinks she might defect.”

Tommy hesitated, glancing around, and Wes added, “We can talk in Command—Ryan’s the only one there.”

As it turned out Dana was there too, leaning against her brother and heckling him cheerfully about the paperwork. Wes waved her to stay where she was, quickly introducing Tommy and Cole.

“Where’s Carter?” Cole asked, glancing around.

“Back at base.” Ryan signed the report, pushing it aside and rising to face them. “It’s his night off. We’ve been taking it in turns.”

“Good idea,” Cole agreed easily.

“We can call him back,” Dana offered.

“No.” Tommy turned away from the board holding the map of Briarwood. “Let him get some rest. Tell us about Leelee.”

Ryan frowned, glancing at Wes. “Leelee’s—there might not be anything there yet.”

“What do you mean?” Cole asked.

“She knows what’s happening is wrong. But she still loves her mother, and she doesn’t want to betray her. Besides, she’s terrified of their Master. I don’t know if she’ll go against him.”

“Can you get her back here? Let Cole talk to her?”

Ryan shook his head. “She won’t talk to anyone else.”

“Literally,” Wes added. “She only talks to Ryan.”

“I don’t need her to talk to me,” Cole told them.

“She comes when she wants,” Dana said quietly. “We can’t call her.”

“She doesn’t trust us yet, not really,” Ryan added. “We can’t push her into anything.”

“Count her out for now, then,” Tommy told them. “What about this field?”

“Miss Fairweather thinks she can bring it down. But she’s not ready yet.”

“We’ll get her help. Hayley can be here tomorrow, and Cam wouldn’t take much longer.”

“I’ll let her know,” Ryan agreed, but he didn’t move.

“My team’s ready to come and help you guys out,” Cole offered.

Wes shook his head. “There’s nothing to fight, not until we get that barrier down. All we’re doing is throwing supplies in, and I have plenty of hands for that.”

“Sure? We’d help.”

“No. When we’re ready to bring that field down, we’ll need you then.”

Tommy nodded. “We’re ready. You have help, when you need it.”

“You turned,” Ryan said abruptly. “You were evil.”

“I was under a spell,” Tommy said carefully. “Leelee’s not, as I understand it.”

He glanced at Cole, who shook his head. “Merrick was possessed. Leelee’s more like you, Ryan.”

Ryan stiffened; Dana looked at him in alarm, but he didn’t seem to see her. “That’s not…”

“That’s what you said,” Dana reminded him quietly. “Raised in evil, not born from it. You turned.”

“I had something to come home to.”

“Give her something, then,” Cole suggested. “Let her know there’s something worth fighting for on this side as well.”

“That how it worked with Merrick?” Ryan muttered.

Cole laughed. “Merrick? Not exactly, no.”

“I can stay,” Tommy offered again.

“No. We can handle it. Thanks.”

“We’ll keep you updated,” Wes promised.

Tommy nodded, glancing at Cole. “We’re nearby if you need us.”