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30 October 2009 @ 08:22 am
003 Somewhere in Between  
Sorry for the delay; my week went a bit weird on me.

Title: Darkness Overwhelming
Fandom: Mystic Force
Pairing: N/A
Rating: 15
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary/Warnings: Somewhere, all wishes come true. Ryan draws closer to the truth.
Word Count: 404 / 52 682
Author's notes: My table is here.

003 Somewhere in between

“Don’t you ever sleep?”

Ryan jumped, backing away from the forcefield. “Eric, hey. I thought you were going to rest.”

“I did. That was hours ago. What about you?”

Ryan shrugged, turning away. “I don’t need much sleep.”

Eric watched him for a minute, idly tapping his headset against his leg; the Titanium Ranger was trying to ignore him, focusing on the forcefield and the scanner in his hand.

“You know, those work better if you turn them on,” he pointed out after a minute.

Ryan glanced down at it, grimaced, and shoved it into his pocket. “Did you want something?”

“Just walking the field. Checking things out.” His gaze drifted downwards, and he added, “You know you’re leaning against the field.”

Ryan took an automatic step away from it before he could catch himself; Eric brushed two fingers over the field, nodding at the familiar not-quite-pain.

“It doesn’t hurt me,” Ryan said after a minute.

“I figured,” Eric said dryly.

Ryan flinched, looking away. “It doesn’t hurt me because I’m not—quite human. Diabolico…humans can’t live in Skull Cavern, so he changed me.” He glanced at his morpher, adding, “Humans can’t carry this. It’s too powerful.”

Eric nodded. “Not quite human. Not…” He blinked, thinking quickly back over the files Wes had tossed him on Lightspeed Rescue. “Demon?”

“Somewhere in between. I’m stronger than a human, but that’s the only difference—except sometimes I can sense things. Mrs Rawling’s been getting weird readings from up here, she asked me to come check it out.”

“Did you get anything?”

“Something’s missing,” he said distantly. “I don’t know what, though. It’s almost like Jinxor’s spells…”

“Something important?” Eric asked when he trailed off. He didn’t recognise the name Jinxor from his admittedly sketchy knowledge of Lightspeed Rescue’s enemies.

“Not something we can use. But if the Darkness took it away, there has to be a reason.” He pulled out the scanner, turning it on and staring at it. “I’ll see you later,” he added distractedly.

“Might hang around for a while.” Eric stuffed his headset into his pocket. “I’m not on duty yet.”

Ryan snorted, keeping his eyes on his scanner. “Dana sent you, didn’t she.”

“Carter,” Eric corrected him.

“They’re as bad as each other,” he muttered. “Stay if you want, but it’ll be boring and you can’t talk to me.”

Eric spread his hands, leaning against the nearest tree. “Whatever you say, chief.”