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06 October 2009 @ 08:31 am
046 What had gone Before  
Title: Darkness Overwhelming
Fandom: Mystic Force
Prompt: 046 What had gone Before
Rating: T
Summary/Warnings: A Dark Wish AU. Somewhere, all wishes come true. The teens think about life before the Darkness.
Word Count: 535 / 52, 698

046 What had gone before


Clare blinked. “Marshmallows?”

“Yeah. When they’re hot, and just staring to melt, and you bite into them…”


“Chip’s answer to everything.” Maddie smiled faintly.

“They’re the perfect food,” Chip protested.

“Not if you like having teeth,” Vida told him.

“Teeth, shmeeth. I suppose you have a better answer?”

“Hot water,” she said immediately.

Maddie and Clare both nodded in agreement. “Hot water’s nice,” Maddie murmured.

“And you, sis?”


Chip nodded. Although things were rarely quiet, it was mostly screams and yelling, not exactly soothing. “Toby’d agree with that.”

Maddie smiled faintly, glancing around. “Nick?”

“Oh, I’m not playing this game.”

“Come on, Nick,” Clare protested. “We’re all playing.”

“How is this supposed to help, exactly?”

“By reminding us why we’re still here,” Xander said quietly. “It’s easier to give up, yeah. We gotta remember why we’re not.”

Nick made a face. “My bike.”

“Bike?” Maddie repeated.

“I left it in the woods when I met Clare. It’s probably scrap by now. Clare, what about you?”

“I’m…” Clare flushed. “I don’t want to be…I miss being alone.”

No one answered, and she hurried on, “I mean, I know how lucky we are, and I know I can’t complain because you let us stay here, but it just…”

“Clare,” Nick said quietly, and she trailed off.

“I know what you mean,” Vida agreed. “Living with boys is difficult enough under the best circumstances.”

“Hey!” Chip threw a piece of paper at her, and they scuffled for a moment.

Clare looked up when the silence grew heavy. “Xander? What about you?”

“I miss not being in charge,” Xander said, smiling grimly.

“You? Not enjoying supervising?”

Chip’s joke fell flat.

Vida didn’t argue when Xander took her watch that night, just folded herself in between Chip and Maddie. Clare waited patiently, but she was almost asleep when she felt Nick stir, lifting his head to look at her.

“Go on,” she murmured. Her voice sounded sleepier than she felt, but Nick took the hint and slid away, ghosting out to join Xander.

The older boy wasn’t surprised to see him, but he didn’t make any effort to welcome him, staring straight ahead.

“You’re not alone, you know.” Nick said finally.

“I don’t need a pep talk, Nick.”

“Could have fooled me.”

“We’re doing fine. Better than most.”

“Yeah,” Nick agreed. “But it’s still crap, man. None of this is fair, none of it should be happening. You can be angry.”

Xander shook his head. “No.”

“Why not?”

“Because I can’t. If I start, if I…” He swallowed, hard. “Zoe’s still missing. Chip’s parents. You’ve got family.”

“Out of town. They were outside the field. Zoe’s your sister?”

“Thirteen. Just hitting the bratty stage. You?”

“My sister’s older. We’re gonna find her.”

“Your…” Xander bit the sentence off. “Yeah. Let’s hope we find her sooner than we did my parents, huh?”


“No. It’s fine. Go back to Clare, she’ll be waiting for you.”

“Clare knows where I am. Xander…”

“Nick…I can’t. OK? Not till this is done with. Just go back to bed. One of us has to be awake in the morning.”

“Yeah. Alright.” Nick nodded, tapping Xander’s shoulder lightly. “I’ll cover for you.”