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21 September 2009 @ 09:39 pm
008 Too Much; 040 Choices  
Title: Darkness Overwhelming
Fandom: Mystic Force
Prompt: 008 Too Much; 040 Choices
Rating: 15
Summary/Warnings: A Dark Wish AU. Somewhere, all wishes come true. Clare asks for Nick's help; Udonna begins the fight.
Author's Notes: Since I missed Friday's post, here's two chapters. It'll be posting two chapters a week from now on.

008 Too Much

Clare persuaded Nick to let her come help him gather fuel the next morning. He was clearing a classroom at the far end of the ground floor, trying to keep them warm a little longer.

“You want to what?”

“I have to go out into the city.”


She twisted her hands together, searching for the words. “Because…some people I should be responsible for live here, and I need to see if they’re ok.”

“Whoa. Start from the start, alright? Why are you responsible for them?”

“My aunt used to watch over them. To make sure they were ok. But Koragg took her, and if Necrolai finds them she’ll kill them.”

“Join the club. She’s killed a lot of people.”

“Yes, but…” Clare shook her head. “Not because she hated them, because she didn’t care about them. But my people…she hates them, and they won’t die as easily as her toys.”

“Easy? You think that’s easy?”

“In comparison.” She held Nick’s glare, reminding herself firmly that she was right.

Nick looked away first, kicking the nearest table into pieces. “You know where to look?”

“I know the kind of place to look. But I don’t know the city well enough.”

“I don’t know the city that well, either.”

“Chip would take me.”

“I’m sure he would,” Nick agreed dryly. “He’d think it was a great quest.” He watched her for a moment. “It’s important to you.”

“It’s something I have to do.”

“I’ll talk to Xander. If you tell me why it’s really important.”

Clare studied him for a moment before nodding. “Because they’re magical.”

She explained her world to him as they kept working, told him about her aunt, about the War twenty years before, and about how some of her people had moved to the city in the intervening years. Nick listened in silence until she fell silent.

“That’s a lot to take in.”

“Too much?” she asked hesitantly.

“Hey, we live in a ruin with vampires and Hydiacs and Koragg the Knight Wolf running around. You saying magic is real doesn’t even really make a dent.” He grinned at her. “Let’s get this stuff back, and I’ll talk to Chip.”

“Thank you, Nick.” She kissed him on the check, smiling happily.

“I’m coming with you,” he warned her.

“Even better. Let’s go get ready.”

040 Choices

Necrolai had been waiting and planning for a long time. Koragg had been spending more and more time away from the Underworld lately, either in Briarwood or on his own business. She didn’t much care where he was, as long as he wasn’t close enough to interfere with her.

The other problem was the Troblin. Brainless the creature might be, but he was loyal to both Koragg and Udonna and she couldn’t seem to scare him away. Lately, though, he’d been away from the Underworld as well, off on whatever business Koragg chose to use him for. Which left Necrolai with an opportunity.

She stepped into the door to Koragg’s chamber, watching the witch. She was in some kind of trance, but she quickly became aware she wasn’t alone any longer and looked up. “Necrolai,” she said evenly.

“White Witch.” Necrolai bowed her head, keeping her voice as soft and friendly as possible. “I’ve been trying to see you for some days now. Koragg refuses to let me in.”

“Yes, I’ve been told.” Udonna rose to her feet, watching her cautiously.

“Koragg keeps you separated. He wants you to be dependant on him and his Troblin servant.”

“And you are offering…” Udonna trailed off expectantly.

“I cannot give you freedom. The Master considers you dangerous. But I can make you more…” She glanced disdainfully around the room. “More comfortable.”

“I’m perfectly fine, thank you.”

“Be careful.” Necrolai took another step forward, almost into Udonna’s space. “Down here, your allies are everything. Be sure you’re choosing correctly.”

“Thank you for your concern.” Udonna sat back down, closing her eyes and slipping back into her trance.

Necrolai fumed for a moment before turning away. Her plans weren’t advanced enough to let her threaten Koragg yet, and she knew him well enough to know the easiest way to upset him would be to harm the Witch.

Soon, though, when the Master rose, Koragg wouldn’t be needed. And the second that happened…

“Get some rest, Witch,” she spat over her shoulder. “You’ll need it.”

As soon as Udonna was sure she was alone she dropped the pretence of her trance, rising to her feet to pace. She’d been fairly sure someone would come to try and get her away from Koragg; powerless or not, she represented the conquest of an entire world, and she was aware that simply by holding her Koragg had raised his standing.

Still, she couldn’t expect any better from anyone else; killing her would be an even bigger coup than simply holding her prisoner, and she honestly thought Koragg wouldn’t. He hadn’t hurt her yet, after all, and he was taking reasonably good care of her.

“I choose…”

The words stuck in her throat. She couldn’t choose Koragg, no matter what the options.

“Shouldn’t trust the bat,” Phineas warned her from the doorway.

“I don’t. I’m not sure I trust Koragg, either.”

“He won’t hurt you.”

“If his Master demands it he’ll give me up.”

“Maybe.” Phineas took a step closer. “He’s still your best chance. I can’t get you out of here on my own.”

Udonna nodded slowly. “I understand. Please make it known.”

Phineas grinned. “Can I do it from far away? I don’t want to be anywhere near Necrolai when she gets this news.”

She smiled. “I can’t blame you for that.”

Phineas sobered. “I think he’ll let you go, in the end. If the Master doesn’t get you first.”

“Yes,” Udonna agreed. “I think he might.”